I came to the Artist’s Admin knowing that I needed help getting done many of the behind the scenes tasks that I just never have time for. I’ve worked with outside admin & social media folks in the past and it wasn’t a successful pairing. But working with Aiden was the exact opposite. He was able to take my needs and minimal directions and put it into simple items that I could quickly approve or request edits. And after our first project together we now rarely have to do edits because he is so well in tune with our needs and how I like to present our company.

I think one of the best things I have gained from working with Aiden is an understanding of how to tackle these projects on my own without them eating an entire day of productivity.

That being said, I will still be turning to the Artist’s Admin when I have bigger projects or I’m not sure where to start and I would happily recommend any other creative do the same.

Adrian Keith, Co-owner & Jewelry Maker, Optimystical Studios