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Artist Interview: Michelle Prebich of Bat in Your Belfry

Michelle Prebich is a freelance artist who loves the dark/romantic era and existential themes. Bat in Your Belfry is a collection of original macabre art and art pieces curated and created by her. You can find her online and at various Halloween, Horror, and Pop Culture Conventions. Harrison and I met her last year and … Continue reading Artist Interview: Michelle Prebich of Bat in Your Belfry

Beyond the Grid Display

Beyond the Grid

Table Set Ups and Display In the ever-expanding sea of tables and booths in Artist Alley and Vendor Halls, first impressions are super important. In addition to figuring out what’s practical AND looks good as far as setting up your table, you also have to make sure it doesn’t look exactly like your neighbors on … Continue reading Beyond the Grid

Thanks & Gratitude Title Card

Thanks & Gratitude

It’s Thanksgiving week, and I have (mostly) been taking it easy, as I just wrapped up a MASSIVE 8-week project/bootcamp that, much to my surprise, pretty much took me apart and put me back together. via GIPHY It's a Life Changer If you’ve been following me recently, I’ve made off-hand mention of my productivity coach. … Continue reading Thanks & Gratitude