Who is The Artist’s Admin?

Hi, I’m Aiden, and I’m a business consultant & coach for artists & creatives. I have over a decade of experience as an office manager, marketing manager, executive assistant, and admin with knowledge in sales, digital & print marketing, social media, art production, promotion, conventions & events, and beyond. I have my bachelor’s degree in English and my Master’s degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

I work with artists, makers, crafters, and creatives of all kinds to help them design and run their creative businesses. As a creative, working for yourself means you have to not only create your product or art, but also be an accountant, editor, marketing expert, and promoter. The result is spending so much time on the business of your art that you have no time or energy to do the thing you love, not to mention the endless jungle of business knowledge you have to weed through!

I can help with:

    • Email communication & management
    • Calendar management
    • Convention/show research and applications
    • Product & print ordering
    • Business finance and inventory tracking
    • Processes, systems, and tools
    • Social media management
    • Time management & productivity

…and so much more! See my services page for more detail.

This site and my blog also feature help and resources on a variety of topics relating to your business, the world of artist alleys & convention exhibiting, life as a freelancer, and more.

A little more about me:

I’m an unabashed nerd, geek and fan, and my knowledge of fandom and the comic convention business can be a huge asset to you! In addition to comics, movies, and other pop-culture goodness, I have a passion for costuming & cosplay, travel, and animals.

I’m trans, queer, and genderfluid. I nerd out over fantasy and sci fi and superheroes. Sometimes I screech like a pterodactyl. I’m the old man at your party who falls asleep on your couch between other guests at 10pm. I’m a helpful Hufflepuff with some Slytherin tendencies (and a Slytherin child and great friends from that house). I’ve been described as compassionate and creative and also an old soul (so old I fall asleep at parties). I sometimes bite my friends shoulders out of love. I’m a liminal being and time seems to work weirdly around me.

I’m gay married. Yes, I’m specifying, because my queer identity is tied up into who I am and if you are for some reason someone who doesn’t think we should be married, you probably don’t want to work with me.

My hubby (Fiendish Thingy Art) and I travel to cons, co-create two web comics, and love to enjoy food and movies. And if we could, we’d probably have a whole farm of rescued animals.

Where else to find me on the web:

You can follow along with my journey of self-discovery and helping people like you here on my blog, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

I was on a podcast! Catch my episode of Caitlin Pyle’s “Work at Home Heroes” where I talk about how I started working from home full time! I hope my story can help inspire you!

Aiden McFarland Caitlin Pyle Podcast