If I Can Work on My Terms, So Can You

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Are you working a day job that is not fulfilling and really wish you could make the leap to working for yourself and from home, but just don’t think it’s ever going to be realistic? Do you see others working on their terms and just wonder what magical happenstances allowed them to do it?


A year ago, I thought working fully from home was just a dream, something that worked for strangers online but not for me.

Between my mental health issues and work drama, dragging myself out of bed to go to my job was getting harder every day. I had been side-hustling with what I actually cared about (helping artists like my hubby) for a couple years, but hadn’t been able to make the leap to doing that full time and leaving the day job.

And then I found Work-At-Home expert Caitlin Johanna, and the Work-At-Home Summit.

After attending the free online summit last year, I got the motivation and information to allow me to start breaking past my fear and building a real plan to leave my job. I also took a financial risk and signed up for the full program offered at the end of the free summit.

That was early February.

By May I had earned back my investment, replaced my day job income, and quit that job.

Now I can set my own hours, and I’m free to travel to any convention Harrison does. I’ve gained more skills, and I’ve also made new connections and new friends.  


That is totally me, every day.

This year that event is back and even better! Caitlin has taken her experience — along with the experience of 45+ other experts — and created an online conference called Work Your Way 2019.

Inside WYW 2019 (which includes two weeks of value-packed interviews and a three day summit), you’ll learn directly from Caitlin and her dream team of experts on how combining in-demand skills + your action can make your work-at-home dream a reality a lot sooner than you think.

The event is FREE and 100% online.

You can use what you learn during the Summit to create additional income to help you pay off debt, save up for that vacation you wanted, make extra money to supplement dry months… or even completely replace your job income — just like Caitlin did, and like I did just under a year ago.

It’s about FREEDOM, FLEXIBILITY… and a lot of fun 🙂

Register for the free Work Your Way 2019 event HERE.

And in case you think have to be an admin/marketing/business person like me to benefit from the event, you don’t! The biggest thing it’s great for is helping tackle mindset, motivation, productivity, getting past fear, imposter syndrome and more! So please, check it out!

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