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Creative Businesses I Adore (and Holiday Shopping Guide)

Ah, December. You have shown up out of nowhere. I swear it was JUST September. I apparently blinked and missed fall entirely. And now…


With the holiday season upon us, I thought it would be a good time to talk about (and promote) just a FEW of my very favorite artists and creative businesses for all your holiday shopping needs.

So if you’re looking for some unique holiday gifts that come from equally unique people, read on!

Optimystical Studios

Optimystical Studios is most known for their nerdy and pop culture related jewelry, but what you might not know is that if you want something a little more classy or shiny, they still have you covered with their Bespoke Ambition line. If Yule is more your thing than Christmas, check out Avalon Spirituals. Want more? They also offer laser engraved journals, buttons, shirt designs through TeePublic, and a whole line of gender & identity affirming products.

Rebecca Hicks/Luna Sea Studios

I love Rebecca’s art style and sense of humor. We have her art in our living room, kitchen, office space…there’s something for every room of the house, including the bathroom!

Sock Dreams

Long socks, short socks, think socks, stripey socks, pride socks, wide socks, SOCK GARTERS. Things for your legs in all kinds of colors, sizes, and styles.

Drklght Clothing

Are you a bit goth? And/or a Disney fan? And/or LGBTQIA+? I love these guys. Met them at a tiny show several years ago and fell hard for their mix of dark, Disney, and queer statement shirts.

Unicorn Empire

Shirts and bags. Screenprinted BY HAND, all of them. Harrison and I already have so many shirts from them, and we still want ALL THE REST. I love everything they come out with. The detail on the designs is incredible. And apparently they have a tabletop board game??

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Friday Afternoon Tea

Geeky-themed, family-owned tea company. If that wasn’t enough, the tea is also AMAZING. ALL OF IT. I’m so glad I live in a more tea-friendly climate now. If you’re local to Seattle, you can even set up appointments for custom tea blending or join them for Game Nights and Tea Tastings!

Espionage Cosmetics

Nerdy makeup and nail art, all cruelty free! Nail wraps with everything from gaming to pizza themes, amazing eye shadows, game cartridge-shaped compacts, and more!

Dragon’s Lair Creations

Speaking of stuff for your body, while I love ALL of Dragon’s Lair Creations bath bombs and sugar scrubs (and the names are awesome too), I want to call special attention to their AMAZING lotion, The Struggle is Real. Thigh chafe? Boob sweat? Binder irritation? ANY skin touching itself or garments and getting angry? This lotion goes on silky and dries like powder and HELPS SO MUCH. Sorry, I get excited. It’s awesome.

Fiendish Thingy Art

Okay, I’m cheating slightly, but of course I want to promote my own husband! In addition to art prints and buttons, you can also get his art on t-shirts, mugs, bags and more at TeePublic.

Who are your favorite creatives to spend money with? Do you know an artist or creatives who could use some holiday sharing or are YOU an artist/creative that would appreciate some love? Comment and let me know, let’s get some holiday love and shopping going!

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