Changing Trajectory

Changing Trajectory

I’m back! I live!


Seriously though, I don’t know why, despite how many times I’ve moved, it completely surprises me how much work it is and how long packing and unpacking takes EVERY TIME. Harrison and I have been in Portland for just over two weeks. And within a week of arriving we had a table at Rose City Comic Con. That was…ambitious. It went really well though, and I don’t just mean business/sales-wise. It went REALLY WELL because an awesome first-time con attendee who became a fan of Harrison’s also made something absolutely magical happen FOR Harrison.

Catherine Tate holding art by Harrison Webb

I’m sorry it’s blurry, my hands were shaking! CATHERINE TATE!

Yes, that is Donna Noble HERSELF at our little Artist Alley table, holding a print of Harrison’s Doctor Donna art. She bought one, and signed another for us to keep. And she was a delight and so sweet. And we proceeded to explode.

From box fort to box fort

We’re still a house of mostly boxes, it will be an ongoing process to get the house set up fully. I can’t wait to at least have the living room ready for having friends over (there is zero seating right now other than the floor). I’m less concerned about the guest bedroom/office – if it has to be a mess a little while longer, we’ve both got space in the bedroom and at my brother’s studio to work on things.

This is a totally functioning dining area, right?

So, why the “adjusting trajectory” title? I’ll tell you. I’ve had some really exciting and good things happen to me professionally in the last few months, which allowed my move to working from home and full-time freelancing and also our move to Portland. There are also some challenges, most of them things that come from being a freelancer with a not-fully-predictable income.

This blog will still focus on (nerdy and geeky) artists and creatives, and business and freelancing help for them, but a lot of it is going to become more personalized in terms of being written from a practical, here-is-what-we-are-doing standpoint. I’m making it more personal. I’m going to get super real with all of you, even more than I have been. That will include struggles and successes, in business, in life, everything.

kicking it up a notch

Part of that is that I have gotten myself a coach and am about to embark (starting Sunday) on an 8-week intensive “Lifehack Bootcamp”. In getting to this point, being freelance and moving to Portland, I’ve achieved what WERE my long-term goals. So now I’m working on what’s next and figuring out my plans, my priorities, and how to achieve them effectively. I’m positive that in this process I will learn things I want to share with others too.

I’m going to be honest about our finances and the realities of budgeting and paying down debt while freelancing. We have goals to be (mostly) debt-free and also to allow Harrison to be a full-time artist (as much as he loves that he gets paid to play at a Doggy Day Camp right now). There will be discussions of new ideas, of the shows we do and how they go, and more.

There will still also be resource posts, interviews with other creators and businesses, and random fun.


Thanks for sticking through the hiatus. And thanks for (hopefully) sticking around!

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