July Round Up Title

July Round Up

I can’t believe it’s the end of July already! I mean, last I looked it was February. How the what? Where? Huh? Of course, besides just being busy and losing time that way, there’s also the fact that my brain (and the rest of me) is melting because of this nasty heat wave in Los Angeles. You know it’s bad when the news puts up a live feed up of cookies baking in a car.


So, here’s what’s been up with us:

First full month as a full-time freelancer

It’s now been about a month and a half since I left my day job to work freelance full time. I’ve got multiple clients and we’re all starting to get more comfortable with each other. I’m getting used to balancing work and home when work is at home – it’s a challenge sometimes to set boundaries and draw those lines. Slowly but surely things are starting to fall into a routine. While the slight unpredictably of workload and pay is anxiety inducing, I am LOVING the freedom and flexibility and the people I’m currently working with.

If I don’t have spoons for leaving the house I DON’T HAVE TO. I can send a few emails and design some graphics and never put on real clothes. When I do want to make it out and about, it’s so much easier to plan now that I have control over my schedule. Next goal in this area is to double my income with more clients and other opportunities so that by this time next year (at the latest) Harrison can also go full time freelance. That’s what I really want – to free him up to focus on what he loves.

What else we’ve been up to

In addition to work, I’ve been helping Harrison prep for his midpoint thesis review for grad school. I really hope he can keep going with the concept he’s got, I think it would make a great graphic novel if not an actual animated short. We’ve also been sorting through a gazillion boxes of Harrison’s childhood toys and collectibles and trying to condense, so I’m spending a lot of time on eBay researching and selling. This is all leading up to PACKING.

Yep, we’re moving!

It’s official, we’ve been approved for a place and will be moving to the Portland area this fall.


Goodbye Southern California, I will not miss your traffic and smog and summer swelter and high cost of living. I WILL miss people – we fully plan to make several trips down a year for conventions, friends, and theme parks. I’m looking forward to actual seasons and having my home office being a bit more separate. PLUS we have awesome new neighbors including my brother and all the creatives who share his studio! Harrison and I are both super excited about this change, though a bit overwhelmed with the whole packing thing and the actual logistics of moving.

In case you missed any posts this month

I admit, my posts were a little all over the place topic-wise this month. But hey, it keeps everyone on their toes, right?

Interview with John Merritt of Tentacle Kitty
Why we (currently) avoid the biggest convention
5 Keys to Balancing Your Creative Career and Your Day Job
The Resistance and Media Fatigue

Movies, tv, music and books

I’M SO BEHIND. We saw Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom. Pretty much have not made it out to see anything else. I also got behind on books this month as I was assimilating to my new work routines and also getting caught up on some graphic design and social media refresher courses. The things we did manage to watch on Netflix this month were Queer Eye (alllll the emotions), Nailed It (the best fail! cakes), and Sugar Rush (man I have a crazy love of baking shows).

Let’s not even start with how behind I am on comics. *cries*

Fave tunes:

Right now I’m digging the new Muse song “Something Human”, and still obsessing over Fall Out Boy’s Mania album. Also, combining two of my obsessions, check out Hi Lo from Evanescence featuring Lindsey Sterling

What’s coming up next

In August you can look forward to some more business of artist alley posts, another cool creator interview, and some updated resource lists. Outside of the blog, it will be more condensing, more eBay, and packing. I’m looking forward to the expansion of our box fort.


How was your July? What’s in store for August?

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