The Artist’s Admin

Are you a creative business owner? Are you overwhelmed with your current to-do list or not even sure what should be ON that list?

If you are a creative who is struggling with business planning, business organization, administrative tasks, or getting bogged down in the minutiae of paperwork and managing online accounts, or if you just find the little things eating up all your time and energy, there is help available!

I can help give you more time to do what you love – CREATE! 

You shouldn’t have to chose between creating a new product or piece and promoting it. You shouldn’t have to lose sleep trying to figure out business paperwork, branding, website maintenance, and social media when you could be drawing, painting, molding, carving, writing, etc.

Find the secrets to balancing your business and your creation, managing your time, and making the most out of your creative life.

Put my experience to work for you. I exclusively want to work with Artists and Creatives, and help support your dream!

When I started my small creative business, Aiden was more than happy to sit down and discuss startup tips with me. He was very transparent and made sure to share useful information that would help my business have a strong online presence.

Shelly Burgwald, Embellished Haven Designs

Aiden makes it possible for me to focus on art, instead of the paperwork. He manages my invoicing and budgeting, inventory tracking, creation of promotional materials, and online marketing. He also revamped my website and linked it to all my online stores (which he also maintains). I literally don’t know what I would do without him.

Harrison Webb, Fiendish Thingy Art